Hiking & the Countryside

One of the delights of the region is the beauty of the surrounding landscape, recognised nationally; diminutive fields of local farmers fill the valley floors, enclosed by hills dense in woodland.

Walking Through the Surrounding Countryside

Villages consisting of 10 or fewer stone cottages, hang onto the slopes offering views of rivers and the occasional castle. Indeed some were only connected by road as late as the 1970's (walking or donkey being the previous options).

Walking Through the Surrounding Countryside

The result is that almost all roads are a treat for the eye; routine journeys here would be marked and preserved as 'tourist trails' in the UK. The thousands of acres of timber that are dissected by tracks to allow access to the valuable lumber also encourage access to the hiker. Local Turismo offices can provide marked and guided walks for a variety of abilities and interests.

For the more adventurous, the highest peaks in Portugal and the second largest National Park, are only 90 minutes drive through the beautiful countryside towards the border with Spain.