River Beaches

Fluvial (River) BeachAn unusual feature of the region is the creation during the summer months of numerous river (fluvial) beaches by the local authorities.

These normally consist of a raised rock platform in the middle of a river, often below a weir, to form a temporary island linked by two wooden footbridges.

Fluvial (River) BeachSoft sand is then brought in to cover the new feature and an artificial 'beach' may be added on the shore for good measure. Showers, BBQs, café-bars, local artworks and even canoes supplement the ones nearer villages. Away from habitation, the simpler beaches are virtually deserted during the week.

The nearest to the villa is just a 10-minute walk down the road, whilst one of the grander efforts, which includes a wide screen TV viewed from a fixed pontoon (with bar) on the other side of the river, is a 5-minute drive upstream.