In the UK, the average population density is 354 people per square kilometer where as in Portugal it's only 114 people. In the area surrounding Zororo, it's just 21 people per square kilometer!

The View from the Balcony - click to view

The valley and the surrounding hills and mountains, are some of the loveliest and most striking in Central Portugal. Much of the land is heavily wooded, only the flatter valley floors being cultivated on a modest and sympathetic scale. The area is dotted with tiny villages and a few more substantial towns.

The Local Countryside

Whilst the roads have been much improved in recent years, bends still outnumber straights 10 to 1. Traffic jams and rush hours simply don't exist and there will be long periods when you won't see another car.

Meet The Locals

Local people are incredibly friendly and helpful, particularly if you can learn to use a few Portuguese words. The climate is warm and sunny from late March to early November (temperatures peak around 37°C in August), with enough rain in the winter to keep the vegetation green throughout the year.

Whilst the map gives an overall view of Portugal's cities and towns, the Getting Here section provides basic information to help you on the 'fly in, rent car' option.