Shopping (food)

Where to go shopping near Zororo

With our excellent indoor and outdoor cooking options, why not conjure up something special to eat… and drink. This list of food shops might help.

Village Shops

RUI & DINORA TAHLO (Our butcher)

A great selection of meat and deli items, friendly staff who also speak English.


Fresh bread and pastries daily, coffee shop, good place for breakfast.

Local Supermarkets

Rui e Dinora

A small supermarket in the village centre, it sells everything you should need, fresh vegetables, bread, frozen foods, deli section, wine/beer, bathroom products, baby products.

Mini Preco

A larger supermarket in the local town of Gois, sells everything has a butchers section and fish counter, stocks fresh milk.

Larger Supermarkets

Continente is a chain of large supermarkets, and there are a number dotted around the area. These might be useful if you’re travelling from one of the main airports.

If arriving from PORTO

If arriving from LISBON