Games Room

The games room at Zororo

Our excellent games room, has a variety of diversions for you to enjoy indoors, such as an American pool table, a quality table football ‘pitch’, various board games, DVDs, a wide screen LCD TV with International channels plus a small library of books, both classic and contemporary.

American Pool Table

Unsurprisingly, this is almost constantly in use!  Or is it only when we’re there? Don’t be surprised if members of your party, start setting up a league table!

Let's play pool at Zororo Retreat

Table Football

Whoever you support, the competition is guaranteed to reach fever pitch.

Board Games

There’ll always come a time, when you’ll need to slow the pace down a notch. Our games room is stocked with a number family board games, as well as a dedicated chess and draughts / checkers table.

Board games at Zororo Retreat
Film and TV package at Zororo Retreat

Television and films

What better way to unwind at the end of a busy day, than to relax and take in a film with friends and family?

It’s also possible to enter your Netflix or Amazon Prime details into the smart TV, and watch your own entertainment. Just be sure to log out at the end of your stay.

We can also pick up a number of international TV stations, including English speaking ones, so that you can keep in touch with the world.


Holidays are (sometimes) for relaxing. With a small library of classic and contemporary books available, you’re welcome to find a quite corner, and curl up with a literary masterpiece.

Reading books at Zororo Retreat